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UPDATED  January, 2021 - The Ontario government has announced further restrictions starting January 14th. As a non essential business, there will be no at-door service nor sales now.  For your convenience, you can still order online for Canada Post deliver or you can request to use Penguin PickUp in the Shopping Cart. They run a handy distribution service with more convenient times so you can get your orders picked up at over 18 locations in the GTA. It is a free service to use during the lockdown period ($5.00 Savings).

G&S Dye and Accessories Ltd. is the source for textile design supplies in North America. Along with a wide range of natural silk, cotton and linen fabrics, we also carry over twenty brands of dyes, paints or inks with all sorts of services and auxiliary supplies for silk painting, screen printing, marbling, T-shirt painting, fabric printing, tie-dyeing, batik, stenciling and many others surface design supplies. With over thirty years of experience, we can provide the expertise and customer service to help you with any project you have in mind.