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G&S Dye is one of THE SOURCES for textile design supplies in North America. Along with a wide range of natural silk, cotton and linen fabrics, we also carry over twenty brands of dyes, paints or inks with all sorts of services and auxiliary supplies for silk painting, screen printing, marbling, T-shirt painting, fabric printing, tie-dyeing, batik, stenciling and many others suitable for fabric artists.


Free shipping on all orders over $100 for the month of December! Up to a $20 credit. Please see current sales page for details.

• Restocked on blank, white t-shirts! All standard shirts $4.50.

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Lumi Inkodye - new line of UV sensitive fabric dye for natural fabrics, used to develop permanent images on your fabric while leaving the feel of the fabric intact. There's a Vimeo instruction video along with an Apple iOS App.

ColorHues Instant Set Dyes - new line of instant no steam set dyes for silk, linen, rayon and wool

• Launch of our Twitter feed Follow gandsdye on Twitter

Clearance Page - end of line or off colours at good deals

Pebeo Soie Silk Dyes discontinued - limited stocks available

• Introducing 8 NEW iDye Poly colours for polyester and nylon! 16 colours in total!iDye Natural and Poly


December 2014 sales
We do not dye garments for individuals, however we sell the dyes for you to do it yourself!