Make tie-dye garments like a pro! Use this kit to get started immediately making your own brilliantly dyed t-shirts and other garments. This dye works best on natural materials like cotton, rayon and linen. Just add water, shirts and your own creativity!

More add on colours available now in Lime, Purple, Orange, Navy, Black, Red, Raspberry, Jade and Royal 



G&S Dye and Accessories tie dye kit has everything you need to make brilliant tie dye garments and fabrics! Each kit will cover about 10-15 t-shirts. Dyes can be diluted for more pastel shades, or mixed to create new colours. Be sure to wear old clothes and lay down plastic sheets to protect your work surface.

Kit contains:

  • One bottle each of yellow, turquoise and fuschia reactive dye with urea
  • 3 pointed applicator caps 
  • a pair of vinyl gloves
  • elastics
  • 250g sodium carbonate
  • 500g non-iodized salt
  • Instruction sheet


Wear gloves to protect hands. Fill each bottle with 500mL warm tap water. Tightly screw lid back on and shake well for a few minutes to dissolve the contents. 

Fill a bucket with 15L hot tap water, or enough to cover your fabric, and dissolve 250g sodium carbonate and 500g non-iodized salt to make the chemical soak. Stir thoroughly to dissolve. Soak your clean fabric in the chemical soak for at least 30 minutes. Fabric can be left in the chemical soak for as long as a month, as long as the container can be sealed with a lid.

When you’re ready to dye, take fabric out of the soak and wring out the excess moisture until fabric is damp but no longer dripping. Tie, bind, fold, scrunch, twist or pleat your fabric as desired. 

Put pointed caps on the dye bottles. Pour liquid dyes on fabric in desired pattern. Unused dyes should be stored in the fridge and used up within one week.

Cover your project in plastic to trap heat and moisture. Leave your project in a warm area to allow the dyes to develop on the fabric. Allow to set for at least 2 hours. Ideally, let it set over 24 hours.

Unfurl your fabric. Rinse in running cold water to get rid of excess dye. Dry the garment or fabric as normal. Optional: Use TNA soap to help rinse off excess dye. Treat with Raycafix if dyes bleed persistently.

Notes: Once the dry dye has been mixed with water, the colours will be most potent if used within the first day. The liquid dyes will lose potency over time and appear faded or pastel if used later.