G&S has a convenient steaming service for those who don't wish do it themselves (click if you want to do it yourself). This service is especially valuable for those who have longer or wider pieces. 

For those who live out of our immediate area, you can package your fabrics and scarves and mail or courier you pieces in for processing. Please remember to package well to protect against external elements. Either location is fine.

Mail Fabrics for steaming to:

G&S Dye and Accessories Ltd 

300 Steelcase Rd. W., #19

Markham, Ontario L3R 2W2 





Prices are based on the following chart but there is a MINIMUM CHARGE of $20.00.

up to 36" square or 15"x72" oblong $3.50/each
over 36" square * $4.50/each
up to 36" wide fabric $3.50/yard
36" to 45" wide fabric $4.00/yard
45" to 75" wide fabric* $7.00/yard
Small Pieces  
smaller than a 15" square area $2.50/each
Extra Items for each piece or yard  
Pebeo Soie / Dupont Dyes $1.50/extra
Cotton $1.50/extra
Rush Job $50.00 surcharge



- Steaming turnover is 1-2 weeks usually

  - We reserve the right to steam items using our dyes and fabrics purchased ONLY from our stores. If accepted for steaming, customer resumes all risks if the fabrics or dyes are not purchased from us. Minimum charge is $20.00 per job.
  - In case of lost or damage, we will ONLY replace with equal quality materials. Compensation of design work or labour will NOT be compensated.
  Garments or constructed items are not accepted
  * We may have to fold the fabric