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This is perfect set for beginner and seasoned indigo dyers! Pre-reduced indigo has been synthesized to be easy-to-use for at-home dyers as the indigo has already been reduced to dissolve in water, without requiring the home dyer to use lye. This kit includes everything you need to dye about 5-15lbs of dry fibres. For a dark shade, the kit will cover 2.5-5.0lb, for a light or pastel wash of colour, the kit can do up to 15lbs. Makes a great gift!

Kit includes

  • 500g sodium carbonate
  • 500g thiourea dioxide
  • 100g pre-reduced indigo dye
  • 250mL TNA soap
  • 120mL Raycafix
  • A pair of vinyl gloves
  • Instructions


*Final product may include packaging different than the ones in the picture. Photo is for reference only.