MARBLE BASE (Methylcellulose)
MARBLE BASE (Methylcellulose)
MARBLE BASE (Methylcellulose) 1

MARBLE BASE (Methylcellulose)

This marble base is a much simpler mixing alternative to using carrageenan in the marbling technique. This base mixes up in 1 hour. Simply mix with water, pure ammonia and vinegar and it is ready to use. Twenty five grams of base will make approximately 4 Litres of size. Marble base can be used with paper or fabric.





Advanced Marbleizing Base M112 is ready to use in about an hour and a half. Dissolve 1 tablespoon of the powder per litre of warm water. Mix until all powder has been dispersed and then add now and NOT BEFORE 1/3 tsp of clear household ammonia for each litre of water. Stir until the solution has slightly thickened. Allow to stand in a sealed container for an hour and a half. It is now ready to use. Do not make batches of 8 litres or more in one container at one time.

Pour the base gently into a marbleizing tray to a minimum depth of 1 inch. Surplus base should be covered and stored. The base and the tray should both be at room temperature. Skim the base with a strip of newspaper to reduce surface tension and to remove dust and air bubbles. Hold the strip at a slight angle to the surface of the base bath and gently move the paper toward you, do not agitate the base. Repeat 6 times. It is helpful to know that if the base mixture is too thin the colours will sink. If it is too thick the colours do not spread out enough. Thicker bases are used for designs that require greater control.