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Habotai is one of the most basic plain weaves of silk fabric. While it was traditionally woven in Japan, most Habotai is today woven in China. It is normally a lining silk but can also be used for scarves, lampshades, summer blouses or very light lingerie. It is quite easy to dye and paint.

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All fabrics are sold by the yard.

  • Fabric-D1001
    D1001 - HABOTAI FABRIC 8mm 45" WIDE - OUT OF STOCKCan$16.00
    Smooth, medium-light weight silk. Versatile fabric for eco-dyeing, tie-dyeing, shibori, painting, stamping, stenciling, printing, etc.
  • Fabric-D1004
    D1004w - HABOTAI FABRIC 12mm 45" WIDE - OUT OF STOCKCan$24.00
  • Fabric-D1005
    D1005 - HABOTAI FABRIC 10mm 45" WIDE - LOW STOCKCan$19.75