We produce high-quality film prints on to inkjet acetate. Our in-house printing service can produce films up to 44" wide (account for 0.5" margins, please make sure the graphic is up to 43.5" width max).

The quality of the film aids in a much easier exposure of a screen. Our prints are photo-quality black. Only digital files are accepted for print. Scanned images must be cleaned up before submission.

Artwork Submission Requirements

You can email your artwork in, along with your name and phone number and we can get back to you with the cost and completion timeframe. Orders for images 16.5" wide or narrower can usually be picked up same day in our Toronto store. Orders wider will be sent to the Markham Office and can delay pick up times up to a week.  Please let us know if you submit an order you expect to have shipped to you.

Artwork will need to be:

  • At least 150 DPI. 300 DPI preferred.
  • Black and white only, no gray areas or colours. We prefer files in grayscale mode.
  • .pdf, .psd, .bmp, .png, .eps, .ai file types accepted. PSD files are preferred
  • Multi-colour images must be separated on its own layer and be black and white only
  • All image files must be flattened
  • Image must be sized exactly the size you want it to print. Please be sure to include the dimensions (in inches) the image is supposed to open up at in the email you send.
  • Images should be a positive. 
  • Please keep files under 10mb. Files over 10mb should be uploaded to a file sharing service (such as Dropbox or Google drive) with the link emailed to us. Extremely large files bog down our email service!
Size Price
16.5" wide continuous $10/first foot + $7.00/foot thereafter
23.5" wide continuous $15/first foot + $10/foot thereafter
43.5" wide continuous $25/first foot + $18/foot thereafter
Negative images are 2x the above price due to extra ink use
AVAILABLE in sheets for home printing also.
  • film-marker2
    Film MarkerCan$5.95
  • acetate