Submit your digital artwork to have it professionally made into a ready-to-use screen for screen printing! We do the hard part, cleaning, coating and exposing your image so you'll be ready to get right to making your prints. Generally, be prepared for up to 7 business days turnaround time on stock size screens, although we usually have it done faster depending on when you drop off your order. Custom screen sizes will take longer to complete.

Artwork Submission Requirements

You can email your artwork in, along with your name and phone number, and specify which screen size and mesh count you would like, or ask for a recommendation based on your artwork. We'll get back to you and let you know if your artwork is exposure ready and when you can expect to have it completed for pick up or shipment. 

Artwork will need to be:

  • At least 300 DPI
  • Black and white only, no gray areas or colours. We prefer files in grayscale mode.
  • .pdf, .psd, .bmp, .png, .eps, .ai, .svg file types accepted. PSD and SVG files are preferred
  • Multi-colour images must be separated on its own layer and be black and white only (please remember to tell us if you have layers to be printed separately!)
  • All image files must be flattened
  • Image must be sized exactly the size you want it to print
  • Images should be a positive
  • Please keep files under 10mb. Files over 10mb should be uploaded to a file sharing service (such as Dropbox or Google drive) with the link emailed to us. Extremely large files bog down our email service!

Additional notes

See below for a list of stock screen sizes available and their prices.

Images that look like a film negative or if the graphic covers more than 40% of the print area may incur double film print charges for extra ink usage.

If you want to supply your own aluminum screen for us to expose on, an additional $10 cleaning fee will apply. We MUST evaluate and approve your screen in store before we can accept it for exposure.

Outside films are usually not accepted. You can bring in the film to the store for evaluation, however.

Files requiring touch-ups will be billed additional work time @$100/hour. We will let you know if that is the case.

Need help?

Call or email us today if you have questions or need a quote.


Screen Size Max Image Size Screen Price Shooting Price Film
20"x24" 12.5"x18.5" $55.00-62.00 $30.00 $5-10
23"x31" 16"x23" $70.00-78.00 $38.00 $10-15
25"x36" 18"x27" $90.00-98.00 $38.00 $15-25
over 25"x36" by quote by quote by quote by quote