G&S Liquid Colours is now available in a kit specifically for tie-dyeing fabrics. With this kit of four vibrant colours, you can create tie-dye effects without the mess of powder dyes. Used as an alternative to MX reactive dyes, this paint is quicker, safer, and easier to use for kids and camps. No mixing and measuring needed, just add water and shake well before use.

Each kit contains:

  • 4x Empty 120mL Bottles with flip caps
  • 4x Liquid Colours Concentrates 30mL (Yellow, Red/Pink, Blue, Purple)
  • A pair of gloves
  • Elastic bands
  • Basic instructions 

For general printable instructions, use this: Tie Dyeing with Liquid Colours

For kit-specific instructions, please see bottom of page.

For larger sizes please refer to the G&S Liquid Colours page


Tie Dyeing with Liquid Colours

G&S Liquid Colours multipurpose fabric paint has been a great success as a tiedye colorant also. Used as an alternative to MX Reactive Dyes, this paint is quicker, safer and easier to use for kids and camps. This paint will work with all natural fabrics (cotton, linen, silk, rayon and wool).




  1. Wear gloves to protect hands. Mix 30mL of Liquid Colours with 100mL cool tap water in the empty bottles.


  1. Tightly screw lid back on and shake well for a minute to the mix contents. 


  1. Fill a bucket with warm water. Wet your shirts and wring out the excess moisture until fabric is damp but no longer dripping. Tie, bind, fold, scrunch, twist or pleat your fabric as desired. (Optional: different looks can be achieved by applying the colours to dry fabric as well).


  1. Pour liquid paint mixtures on fabric in desired pattern.


  1. Allow the colours to soak in and rest overnight.


  1. Unfurl the shirt and let fabric completely dry before setting the colours.


  1. To set the colours, use a hand iron. Set the temperature to low cotton setting and iron the shirt thoroughly without steam for 3-5 minutes. Alternatively you can place the dried shirts in a dryer inside out and run on high heat setting for 20 minutes.


The shirt is now ready to be worn.


Washing instructions - Use mild detergents and wash garments inside out using cold or warm water. Hang dry or toss into the dryer on low setting.