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Making the Pre-reduced Indigo Dye Bath

  • This is very easy with our special pre-reduced indigo. Dipping and folding instructions are available in a wide variety of books and web pages written about the subject, but to prepare a bath to use, follow the steps below:

    1. Wash fabric with 1/2 oz of T.N.A Soap to remove dirt and sizing.

    2. Use water that is 60-70°F (20-24°C)

    3. Mix the following in about 3-5 L of water (you can mix less if you want)

      • 20gm Pre-reduced Indigo

      • 80 gm Thiourea Dioxide

      • 100gm Sodium Carbonate

    4. Let foam settle. Skim off any bloom that may appear on the surface.

    5. Prepare fabric (tie, fold and bind) and dip cloth into dye bath.

    6. Remove and hang to air dry. This is when the indigo color shows up (oxidizes –

      changes from green to indigo blue).

    7. Repeat dipping 2-3 times for a deeper shade.

    8. After dyeing, we find processing it in Raycafix really improves on wash fastness.

      Raycafix Instructions: Estimate amount of water needed to cover cotton fabric. Fill sink or bucket to this level with HOT (160°F) water. Add 1 teaspoon Raycafix per yard of fabric. Soak for 5 minutes. DO NOT AGITATE! Use cool water to rinse and dry at once