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Discharge Paste

For removing areas of colour from dyed natural fabrics. 

Using Discharge Paste on its own:

Apply to fabric with a brush (or screenprint). Thin with water if necessary for better penetration into fabric. When paste is dry, iron with a steam iron on lowest steam setting. The more steam the better. Colour will leave the fabric at this stage. Washing fabric will return it to its natural softness. CAUTION: Discharging will produce steam that may irritate, please use a vapor mask during this process. 

Discharge paste has no bleach in the formula. This chemical works best to discharge reactive dyes from natural materials. Product may not be compatible with unknown or mystery dyes. Discharge paste may lighten the colour, but not remove all the colour from your fabric. Test on a swatch of dyed fabric before proceeding with your entire project.

Recipe for mixing with transparent base and fabric paints:

9 parts discharge paste to 1 part transparent ink. 


A strong odour is given off during the steam ironing process. Contact with eyes and skin may cause irritation. Ingestion may result in gastric disturbances. Inhalation of vapours while ironing may result in respirator irritation. Wear an approved organic vapour/mist respirator if necessary. Use in well ventilated area. Keep this product away from children.