Acid Dye Starter Kit
Acid Dye Starter Kit
Acid Dye Starter Kit 1

Acid Dye Starter Kit


The acid dye starter kit contains our high quality acid dyes in the pure colours, ideal for mixing to achieve different colour results. Acid dyes will work on silks, wools, nylon, and feathers.

The G&S Dye acid dye kit contains:

  • 15g Sizes of acid dye 601 new yellow, 620 new fuschia, 624 new turquoise and 639 new black (may be substituted for 601, 618, 623 & 639 based on availability)
  • 120mL TNA soap
  • 200g Citric acid
  • A pair of gloves
  • Basic instructions.

One kit will dye approximately 8lbs of dry fibres.


Acid dyes are warm/hot water dyes for silk, wool, feathers and nylon. Known for their vibrancy and wash fastness, they are among the easiest dyes to use and require only the addition of a mild acid (vinegar or citric acid). Each 15g jar of acid dye will dye approximately two pounds of dry fibres, less if colours are concentrated, and more if colours are diluted. The colours included in this kit are among the highest quality dyes currently offered in this line.