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G&S WATERBASED RESIST (currently out of stock)

Item currently out of stock until further notice.

The G&S Water Based Resist serves as a non-toxic, water soluble resist to form the boundary lines used in hand painting fabrics, specifically silk painting. G&S Dye Water Based Resist prevents dye from diffusing from one area to another. It does not repel dye on the surface as in batiking. The Clear Resist washes away easily after setting during the initial wash.

Preparing For Use

G&S Resist is formulated in a thick form. In order to use our resist, water is added up to a ratio of 1:3, water to resist. An excess of that ratio may result in a line with excessive bleeding-out along the edges.

To obtain coloured resist lines, dye is used instead of water.

Storage and Application

We suggest refrigeration to ensure stability or consistency. The shelf life is about one year. This varies occasionally according to the component’s manufacturing prior to our mixing. If it becomes thicker through open air standing, or develops a skin, simply remove the skin, and add water to the desired consistency. If straining is necessary because of lumps, use a nylon stocking to filter. If resist separates, shake before using. The resist is good as long as it maintains a syrupy consistency.


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