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Screen Printing Supplies



G&S Dye has a wide range of screen printing supplies and equipment. Our staff are well trained and knowledgable in teaching screen printing and providing correct answers for modern screen printers (using film and photo emulsion). We specialize in having professional supplies in stock at our Toronto Store. We can definitely help you set up screens, shoot screens, provide computer film output and even have private consulations and workshops. You'll be amazed at how easy it is now to print professionally.

For full instructions booklet on learning how to screen print.

See our lines of Printing Paints/Inks


These aluminum screens are prestretched with either 110, 156, 195 or 230 size mesh openings. Please specify. Aluminum screens are actully cheaper than wood now and are better. They will last longer, not warp, stronger and lighter. Measurements are outside dimensions. For other sizes, or purchases of 6 or more screens, please email for quote. We also help expose screens. See below for exact prices


Screen Size
110 or 156




This is a service after your screen mesh gets too dirty or impossible to clean. Old mesh is taken off completely and fresh screen mesh is adhered to your frame. We only service metal frames (no wood). We shall quote for larger sizes. Turn over time is usually 7-14 days. Excessively dirty frames (i.e. covered in wet plastisol or plaster or the like) may be charged a cleaning fee.

Screen Size
110 or 156

Saati Chem Textile DW Emulsion

High quality, fast exposing direct diazo emulsion. Kit includes sensitizer. Used to expose stencils on your screens for professional quality prints. One quart usually covers about 80 20"x24" screens, front and back, although your results may vary.

 1.0 Quart $35.00
 1.0 Gallon  $70.00


setting up a simple exposure unit

Screen Strip - new safer liquid version

Screen strip is used to reclaim your screen so it can be used again. Our new liquid version is an 80:1 concetrate. Just pour into bottled water, shake and it's ready to use. A 30mL bottle of concentrate will make 2.0L of functional product and will strip approximately 40-50 screens of emulsion (20"x24" screens). A power washer is still recommended for best results.

30mL concentrate  $12.95


Screen Fabric

Polyester screen mesh. A high quality Swiss made monofilament screen mesh. The numberdenote the fineness of the weave. Most textile printers will use 110 or 156. The 195 mesh is primarily for paper or half tone printing. Other mesh counts available. Please inquire.

110 Mesh 55" wide $22.50 / yd
156 Mesh 55" wide $23.50 / yd
195 Mesh 55" wide $25.50 / yd
230 Mesh 55" wide $30.00 / yd

Single Colour T-shirt Screen Printing Table - back in stock

This is a very handy single colour print table that allows you to lock your screen and shirt (spray adhesive) for accurate and fast production of single colour or opaque printing. Comes with a pair of Hinge Clamps (screen not included) - $225.00


Hinge Clamps

An indispensible tool that locks your screen into one place. The pivoting action allows you lift the screen to check your print and then to continue printing without losing registration. Essential for printing on dark fabrics.

 Set of 2  $29.00


This instrument is used to force the inks through the screen and help achieve an even print. We use Urethane blades which are more durable and available in any durometer. We sell with either 50 (fabric) or 60 (paper) durometer blade hardness. We stock 5", 8", 10", 12", 15" and 18" but can custom make any size over 5".

5" $15.00
8" $24.00
10" $30.00


15" $45.00
18" $54.00
 Custom per inch  $ 3.00/inch

Screen Coater

This aluminum coater has a reservoir to hold the emulsion while applying it to the screen.

Custom size $3.00 /inch

 9.5" Length $30.00
 16" Length $48.00
18" length $54.00
19" length $57.00
20" length $60.00

Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Kit - $75.00

A great basic starter kit for someone starting fabric screen printing. When you get more experienced printing, you can start to replace the inks and equipment with the commercial grade products we list above and below. The Kit contains;

  • 10"x14" wood screen
  • 9" basic squeegee
  • 4oz Black, Red & Blue Waterbased Inks
  • 4oz Screen Filler
  • 4oz Drawing Fluid
  • 4oz Photo Emulsion
  • 4oz Emulsion remover
  • paint brush & mixing sticks
  • basic instruction booklet

Auxilary Supplies

Temporary Spray Adhesive 291g can (Krylon brand): Good for spraying onto the printing board to lock down shirts. Extremely helpful for opaque ink printing. Please note, we are unable to ship this product because it is a pressurized can. - $12.00

Ink Cleaner (TR): Waterbased cleaner that works with waterbased inks and plastisols - 1.0L bottle $20.00

Blue Tape: Removeable non gumming and non marring tape for blocking out screen areas. Durable under washing. $13.75

Speedball Screen Filler 8oz bottle: Used to cover up pin holes on screens or to mask away unwanted images or gaps on a screen. Drys quickly - $12.50

Speedball Diazo Light Kit: A light kit used to expose screens. Includes lamp, 250 watt photo flood bulb, and black paper. Used to expose screens in 7-10 minutes. Great for screens up to 12"x16". - $40.00 each.

Velum - perfect 16lb weight velum sheets to use as film. Print from a LASER printer to produce an economical film. Available in 11x17 sheets for $0.90 each or 8.5"11" for $0.45 each sheet

Ink Jet Acetate - tested for Dye and Pigment based printers, these acetates print a very dark image, much better than overhead acetate. Available in 8.5"x11" $1.50, 11x17 $3.00. I personally use the Epson 1400 (~$350) and love the black output it gives on these acetates. Highly recommended film solution!


We stock multiple lines of screening inks and colours to suit your printing needs

G&S Pigment System

This system is a very simple to use (mix your own) waterbased fabric paint system. It requires a neutral BASE and colour concentrated pigments. The pigment colours are added to the base to produce brilliant colours. This is a transparent system so the paint are for white or light coloured fabrics. Sold in small to large bulk sizes, it's a very economical system and our most popular line of printing colours. A small 30mL jar of pigment can colour approximate 1 quart of Transparent Base a medium colour. For those who just want to print black, we have a ready-to-print black transparent ink, along with blue, yellow, scarlet, red, green, magenta, cyan, violet and brown.

    9.5 oz 1 quart 2 quart 4L 15L Pail
Transparent Base 7.50 19.50 32.50 63.00 195.00
Transparent Colours 12.50 35.00 55.00    
Opaque White Ink 14.00 40.00 60.00   quote
Opaque Base 14.00 40.00 60.00   quote
Pigments Please see here for full list of pigment prices



all colours, prices and information can be found here


Discharge Paste

This is a great product that will TAKE OUT colour in the fabric. Instead of adding a paint on top of the fabric, printing with Discharge Paste leaves your fabrics SUPER soft.

To use, mix 1/2 and 1/2 with Transparent Base from our Pigment System (above). Print as usual and iron fabrics afterwards (when dry) and it'll activate the discharge.

A very cool effect is to use the above 1/2 and 1/2 mixture and add our pigments to create a one pass coloured print on dark fabrics.

Caution: A strong odour is given off during the steam ironing step. Contact with eyes and skin may cause irritation. Ingestion may result in gastric disturbances. Inhalation of vapours while ironing may result in respirator irritation. Wear an approved organic vapour/mist respirator. Use in well ventilated area. Keep this product away from children


250ml $10.00
1.0 L $30.00

G&S White Opaque Ink

We have our own series of ready-to-use White Opaque inks for dark coloured fabrics. These inks are economical but will require a clamp system (hinges) to allow for registration of two coats to appear fully opaque.

9.5 oz $14.00
1 quart $40.00
2 quarts $60.00



Speedball Opaque Pearl Inks

Economical waterbased Pearl Opaque Ink. Ready to Print and opaque in one pass. Available in: Gold, Silver, Pearl, Black Pearl, Amethyst, Sherbet, Raspberry, Emerald, Blue Topaz and Citrine.

8oz jar - $13.00 each






Speedball Night Glow Inks

Transparent inks that will glow in the dark for 10 minutes. Currently available in original, blue, yellow and green.

8oz jar - $19.50 each






Permaset Supercover (Premium Waterbased Opaque Inks)

This is an exciting line of fabric paints out of Australia. It was definitely worth the effort to bring in, as it's the only line of waterbased opaque inks that allow for one pass coverage on dark fabrics.

Permaset Supercover Inks are specially designed for use over dark fabrics. These inks provide superior opacity with high definition while retaining their stretch qualities. Permaset Supercover Inks are 100 % solvent free with an environmentally friendly formula that provides pigments that are rich and intense in coverage and produce exceptional colour yield. The resilient resin base holds fast during rub, wash or dry clean while leaving a virtual no-feel effect on fabrics. For more on the enviromental benefits, check out this web page.

Pearl White can be tinted with our G&S Pigments to create even more colours and be used as a "opaque base". We also have Pearl Gold and Pearl Silver.

  300mL 1.0L 4.0L
Standard $30.00 $66.00 quote
Glow $40.00 $87.50 quote
Pearl $42.00 $92.00 quote
  Mid Yellow Scarlet Green B
Yellow R Mid Red Mid Green Rose
Light Blue Ultra Blue Orange R Blue B
Black White Purple  
  Glow Yellow Glow Green Glow Blue
Glow Orange Glow Red Glow Pink  
PEARL White Gold Silver




Rutland Plastisols (Toronto retail sales only)

This is an industrial ink - Ready for printing - Smooth consistency for trouble free printing - Shorter body for higher printing speeds - Semi-gloss finish - excellent opacity for maximum colour brightness.

  • 1 Gallon High Opacity White $115.95
  • 1 Gallon Black $65.00


Other Equipment and Accessories

Screening is a very technical and customized craft. Everyone's requirements are different. Most will want to print on textiles, but others may want to print on paper, bottles, stone or plastic.

We are able to provide professional equipment (exposure units, printing tables, flash dryers, tension metres, stretching machines, power washers and heat presses) or speciality inks for optimal print quality. We also have a wide range of accessories to make your printing experience easier and efficient (screen cleaners, spray adhesive, screen tape, and ink cleaners). Whatever your needs, we shall guide you through the process. Just ask! email Dixon



back to PRODUCTS

Screen Exposing

We also help expose screens saving you the time, investment and mess. There is a $10 discount if a new screen is purchased (instead of supplied) at the same time. Film charges range depending on the size (see below for exact pricing). Our film charges are very fair compaired to Image Setters. We do NOT take outside film unless it's been output on an Image Setter or of equal quality to our film (no exceptions!). Please call or email for exact submission requirements. We shall bill computer time ($75/hour) if images take extra time to correct to the proper format (over 5 minutes). We usually request it in grayscale (black and white). Formats: PDF, JPEG, BMP, AI, Illustrator outline or PSD @150-300dpi. Turn around time is about 2-3 days (for 20x24 screens) and about one week for other sizes. We reserve the right to refuse home made, wood and/or hand stretched frames.

Screen Size Max Image size Screen Price Shooting Price Film
12"x16" 8"x10.5" $40-47 $38.00 $5.00
20"x24" 12.5"x18.5" $45-52 $38.00 $5-10
23"x31" 16"x23" $65-72 $45.00 $10-15
25"x36" 18"x27" $75-83 $45.00 $15-25
 over 25"x36" by quote by quote by quote by quote


This is a service to replace your screen mesh after your screen mesh rips, gets too dirty or impossible to clean. We only service metal frames (no wood). We shall quote for larger sizes. Turn over time is usually 7-14 days.

Screen Size
110 or 156

Film Output Service

Quality Film output onto inkjet acetate. In-house printing up to 24" wide (account for 0.5" margins, please make sure the graphic is 23.5" wide max).

image size  
Minimum charge $5.00
16.5" wide continuous

$10/first foot + $7/foot thereafter

23.5" wide continuous $15/first foot + $10/foot thereafter
larger by quote
negative images are 2x the above price due to extra ink use

Screen Printing Service

G&S DYE is now providing a screen printing service for T-shirts. We use waterbased and eco friendly inks and cleaners. For more complex images we use non-phthalate inks. Prices do vary depending on your images, quantity and shirt choices. We can source a wide range of shirt qualities and styles.

Listed here is an example of pricing for a standard 100% cotton Gilden Ultra Cotton shirt in Youth to Adult sizes (additional charges required for size XXL). Dark shirts refer to black or any other brightly coloured shirts that require opaque inks. Light refers to white or light-coloured shirts when we can use transparent inks. Minimum charge of $75 per order applies. For an exact quote, it is best to submit images and quantities required. Customers may supply their own shirts, however they must be inspected before approval for any orders. Additional charge of $0.35 per print applies for customer supplied shirts.

Per Colour Setup
1 Colour Image
2 Colour Image
Per print on dark fabric
Per print on light fabric