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Rita's Top Ten Silk Painting Tips

 1.  Have a thin and thick brush set aside for the colour yellow and two for black
 2.  Clean all brushes in lukewarm water as soon as you have finished painting. Use a bar of soap or dish detergent by twirling them on the soap or in a dish. Use water or alcohol for the final rinse.
 3.  Always write the date on the bottles of dye; once they have their shelf life, dispose of them carefully
 4.  To really stretch silk tautly, wet first and them stretch it on the frame. It will dry and become very tight.
 5.  If you want a really deep, black colour and you are using steam fix dyes, try steaming for longer than usual (Use a double layer of tissue for extra protection).
 6.  When mixing a colour, make sure you mix enough to complete your project. At least take notes on the exact quantities you have mixed.
 7.  Always wear a mask when mixing powdered dyes.
 8.  If you have a lot old newspaper around the home, you can use them for steaming after 60 days. The printing ink will be thoroughly dry and the chance of ink transfer is greatly diminished.
 9.  To prolong shelf life, always store dyes and resist in a cool dark place. Water based resists can be stored in the refrigerator during warm weather.
 10.  If you are looking for small bottles to mix dyes, go to a camera centre where they have many empty film containers.