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This system is a very simple to use (mix your own) fabric paint system. It requires a neutral BASE and colour pigments. The pigment colours are added to the base to produce brilliant colours.


Click to download printable Colour Chart


The base is a thickened medium, resembling yogurt to which you add the pigment colour. It is the correct consistency for silk-screen printing. This base prints clear until you introduce colour. transparent - Light coloured fabrics.

Ready to use WHITE OPAQUE ink: We have a "ready-to-use" Opaque white ink for dark coloured fabrics.

$14.00 for 9.5oz (280mL)

$40.00 for 1 quart


Shake well before using. The pigment is concentrated pure colour. Different shades of colour are achieved by varying the quantity of pigment added to the base. Add pigment from the squeeze bottle drops at a time and mix thoroughly. Test your colour frequently on fabric. Most colours are used at 3-8%.


Generally, transparent colour is used exclusively, resulting in additional colours where your prints overlap. Remember, the colour of your cloth will affect the colour of your print because the base and pigment are transparent.
White Pigment is added to your mixed colours to make them opaque. White Pigment acts like an optical brightener making a colour appear clearer and stronger. By using White Pigment, the fabric will stiffen, so use sparingly. For white ink, use the premixed White Base.


This is a clear liquid ingredient which improves wash fastness and crocking properties. Mix Resfix into the base when adding pigment colour in the ratio of 5mL (1 tsp) per 500mL (1% soloution). Another application for the pigment is by using it in a lower viscosity for pigment dyeing or airbrushing. This may be done by watering down the mixture with water, a little Base and Resfix. Maintain approximately 3-5% Resfix solution for good washfastness.


It comes in a milky liquid which is added to your mixture to stop bleeding. By using anti-bleed in your formula you can now achieve sharp prints. Add anti-Bleed carefully, drop by drop. There is no set formula, as it varies for every blend of fabric or depending on what synthetic fibre you are using. You will notice it thickens your mixture quickly. Test frequently, until your formula prints without bleeding.


Extremely helpful when printing soft objects that are flexible. ie. Terry cloth towels. Use in at least a 5% solution.


Use at 3-5% soloution. Slows down drying of ink in screens for longer print runs. Especially useful when printing with opaque and white base.


Prime setting is at 150oC for 3 minutes. Alternatively, iron the fabric thoroughly when it is dry at a high setting on the pigment side of the fabric. Clean the iron with steel wool to eliminate any build up.


For clear, clean prints, you must strain. Strain by squeezing the entire mixture after mixing your colour through a piece of silk-screen mesh, into a clean container. This will remove impurities that will clog your screen and disrupt printing.

Keep records while mixing so you become familiar with the product's capabilities.

Keep all containers, instruments etc, away from those used for food. Keep all containers, instruments and area impeccably clean as one transient spec of pigment left on your squeegee can ruin your next print.

Products should be used in a well ventilated area.

    9.5oz 1 quart 2 quart 4L 15L Pail  
Transparent Base   7.50 19.50 32.50 63.00 195.00  
Transparent Colours   12.50 35.00 55.00      
Opaque White Ink   14.00 40.00 60.00   365.00  
Opaque Base   14.00 40.00 60.00   365.00  

Transparent Colours available: yellow, scarlet (note, scarlet is very orange), blue, magenta, red, green, purple, brown, black

Pigments Prices
    30 mL  120 mL  250 mL 1.0 L
 110 Bright Yellow N /A      
 120 Process Yellow * 5.50 17.50 27.00 74.00
 130 Golden Yellow * 5.50 17.50 27.00 74.00
 210 Orange (Warm Red) * 5.50 17.50 27.00 74.00
 220 Cardinal Red * 5.50 17.50 27.00 74.00
 230 Rhodamine Red N /A      
 240 Rubine Red * 6.00 18.50 30.00 100.00
 250 Process Magenta * 6.00 18.50 30.00


 310 Purple N /A      
 320 Violet 6.00 18.50 30.00


 410 Process Blue * 5.50 17.50 27.00 74.00
 420 Royal Blue N /A      
 430 Reflex Blue * 6.00 18.50 30.00 100.00
 440 Navy * 5.50 17.50 27.00 74.00
 500 Green * 5.50 17.50 27.00 74.00
 600 Brown * 5.00 15.00 24.00 65.00
 720 Black * 5.00 15.00 24.00 65.00
 750 White * 4.75 13.00 20.50 54.00
 810 Fluorescent Pink N /A      
 820 Fluorescent Yellow N /A      
 910 Anti-Bleed 4.00 11.00 17.50 45.00
 920 Resfix N /A      
 930 Softener 4.00 11.00 17.50 45.00
 940 Ink Retarder 4.00 11.00 17.50 45.00

* denotes our new solvent free organic pigments (#750 White is solvent free but inorganic based)