The Quilter's Book of Design by Anne Johnston $39.95
You will learn how to make quilts that not only please the eye, but that surprise, delight and ultimately move those who view them. What makes this useful is that most of the 300 color photos and examples use hand dyed and hand painted fabrics. 146 pages


Structure & Surface: Contemporary Japanese Textiles by C. McCarthy/M. McQuaid $42.95
This elegant Museum of Modern Art book showcases more than 60 exotic and beautiful creations in full color. The text describes materials used; banana fibers, newspaper, copper, stainless steel & feathers combined with silk, cotton, wool, linen & polyester and an array of ingenious techniques to create radically new textures and finishes. Textile cover binding, 104 pages


Silk Painting New Ideas & Textures by J. Kennedy & J. Varrall $21.95
A wonderful book, by two British authors, covering unique texturing techniques; sponging, pleating, sugar, crackling and many more in a practical, beautifully illustrated guide. Soft Cover 128 pages


Silk Painting: Gutta and Wax Resist Techniques by: Susan Louise Moyer $42.95
This highly acclaimed book begins with the basics and helps you progress to the more intermediate and advanced techniques. Demonstrations, special tips, information about materials, will help you improve your skills. 144 pages, full colour. This book has been of print for over a year, but we have found a limited source - one of the best silk painting books EVER! Get them while you can.
Polychromatic Screen Printing by Joy Stockdale $22.95
Polychromatic printing is a unique combination of painting and screen printing. With this process, all the colors in an image are painted on a single screen, then printed with one pull of a squeegee. The result is 5-8 prints from the painted screen. 128 pages


Fabric Dyeing & Printing by Kate Wells $67.95
Carefully guides you through the choices of fabrics, the vast range of dye recipes and the profusion of printing techniques. With patterning options detailed in step-by-step photography, this book enables you to work through more than thirty key techniques. Similar to Complex Cloth in quality and scope of techniques, but with a different and equally effective approach. Hard Cover 192 pages


Tie Dye To Die For & Batik You CanŐt Resist by Doug Otten, Doug Feltus and Alice Niemiece $9.95
A simple step-by-step instructional booklet for 15 colorful projects using Procion MX Dyes. Showing some of the more popular tie-dye folding and pleating techniques. Includes simple tracing designs for batiking a scarf, shirt, panel, dress and tie.

Other Low Stock Items

  • Hands on Dyeing (1-2 copies left) $25.95
  • Marbling on Fabric (4-5 copies left) $22.95
  • Quiltworks Across Canada (pre-order) $59.95
  • Dyeing to Quilt Video (pre-order) $42,95

Out of Print

  • Complete Book of Silk Painting
  • Silk Painting: Fashion and Fine Art
  • Marbling Techniques
  • Silk Painting: Images of Africa
  • Painting Fabric
  • Dye Painting
  • Dyeing & Overdyeing
  • Synthetic Dyes
  • Shibori: Art of Japanese Shaped Resist Dyeing
  • Best of Silk Painting
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